Each Kolor™ jewel created by LOUIE DANIELE makes for a special occasion. With no two gems alike, the greatest care is taken to ensure the perfect matrimony between gem and setting. Uniquely matching a gem with a setting requires the finest expert skill.

  • Gem Cut

    Weight to Size ratio - Unlike with diamonds where weight is an indication of size, with gems it is unusual for weight to be an accurate indication of size. Polish & Symmetry - Important features to look for when buying a gem is its overall symmetry (i.e. balance) and and polish grade.

    A well cut gem always seeks to please the eye of the beholder

  • Gem Colour

    Gem colour is an indication of a gem’s hue, tone and saturation.

    • Hue - is the unique shade of colour or the colour palette of a gem.
    • Tone - represents the depth of colour - i.e. how dark or light a gem appears.
    • Saturation - is a measure of how rich in colour the gem appears.

  • Gem Clarity

    Gem clarity describes the absence or presence of inclusions.

    A flawless gemstone is rare and usually expensively priced. It is more natural for gems to have inclusions than to not have.
    Based on this principle, LOUIE DANIELE natural gems are valued for their unique qualities and imperfections.

  • Gem Character

    A gemstone with true character will always speak loudest to your heart.

    As with diamonds, the most important characteristic of a gemstone is the way it speaks to you.
    Each LOUIE DANIELE gem is selected for its fine character, cut and colour properties.