• Our Movement

    LOUIE DANIELE is a family of artisans working to see the world touched and changed through magnificent jewels.

    As remarkable and forever as they are, diamonds should make a difference to all. Their luring beauty must come only at a price paid by the wearer, and not by the originating artisan, the individual miner.

  • Our Expertise

    Combined more than 100 years experience, our LOUIE DANIELE family provides the heritage needed to lay the platform for a masterful jewel every time. Knowledge paired with distinct understanding of diamonds, gemstones and craftsmanship enhances beauty, innovation and precision to a higher level.

  • LD Bridal

    At the centre of marriage lies covenant. A triad of honesty, transparency and commitment. The LOUIE DANIELE way assimilates these and prepares every bridal jewel in a coequal manner.
    Let the Perfect start begin with a LOUIE DANIELE.

  • The Perfect ring only exists when made with you, for you

    Your World with Ours

    Created as an ode to life‘s celebrations and moments worthy of rememberance. LOUIE DANIELE KOLOR, a designer hand-finished colourstone collection.

  • Crown the occasion

    The greatest act of love is giving to another at the expense of self. A principle embedded in the creation of every LOUIE DANIELE jewel.
    Each LOUIE DANIELE jewel is masterfully made to excel beyond the expectations.
    It is made excellently to honour the wearer.

  • A Grande Affair

    Dedicated to royalty who wear their invisible crowns, an elect collection of our finest jewels for the most prestigious grande affair.
    Blue Carpet, the most exhilarating grand jewels from the house of LOUIE DANIELE.

    LOUIE DANIELE, jeweller to people of influence.