• Our Diamonds

    Every love-tale is dreamt with lavish diamonds and magnificent jewellery. Our LOUIE DANIELE diamonds fall within the Top 6 colours, Top 4 clarities, best in Cut proportions and are independently graded for your benefit.


    Creating a LOUIE DANIELE jewel can take months. It requires patience, determination and perseverance.
    From the first thought of inspiration to the last stroke of the brush, the final sculpting of each jewel upholds the LOUIE DANIELE philosophy.
    To create distinct & personalised pieces that transcends the boundaries of time by being more than now pieces, but heirlooms for tomorrow's generation.

    A LOUIE DANIELE is not yours to own only but to steward for the next generation. Today's Gift - Tomorrow's Heritage ™

    “Only when true worth is perceived, will one refrain from compromise”

    Only when true worth is percieved, will one refrain from making discount

  • Our Expertise

    Combined more than 100 years experience, our LOUIE DANIELE family provides the heritage needed to lay the platform for a masterful jewel every time. Knowledge paired with distinct understanding of diamonds, gemstones and craftsmanship enhances beauty, innovation and precision to a higher level.