• Engagement

    Engagement bridal rings come in a variety of styles. Each style derives its influences from the decorative art styles of previous decades. Some most influential art styles are Art Nouveau (1890 - 1910) , Edwardian (1901 - 1910) , Art Deco (1920 - 1930) , Retro (1950 - 1960) Engagement setting styles is widely based on three individual types.


    After marrying, a husband and wife will each wear a wedding ring. A wedding ring is the symbol of the covenant of marriage between God, husband and wife. Marriage never started out as contract but as covenant, it is a covenant agreement that is meant to supersede a contractual arrangement. It is a union in which each person lives ultimately for the success and honour of the other. It is beautiful and filled with splendour and joy.

  • Anniversary

    Mark the milestones of your journey. Remember and celebrate with our LOUIE DANIELE collection.